Paul Tweed discusses winning the 2021 Spear's WMA Lawyer of the Year - Reputation award.

Celebrity doctor Christian Jessen is to pay Arlene Foster £125,000 in damages for a false tweet that she was having an extra-marital affair, a High Court judge has ruled.

Mr Justice McAlinden awarded the record figure to Northern Ireland's outgoing First Minister for the TV star's "grossly defamatory" and completely unfounded rumours.

The scale of payout was necessary to ensure her complete vindication over the baseless allegations, he held.

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Paul Tweed is a lawyer to Hollywood stars, Irish business leaders and even the British royal family.  He is the doyen of defamation for people convinced they have been traduced in the media and when famous foreigners go lawyer shopping to avail of the famously plaintiff-friendly libel laws in Ireland and Britain, many of them call Paul Tweed’s office in Belfast.  But Tweed has also many loyal clients across the business elite in Ireland and the UK and I’m told it’s a dead giveaway when you see his very fancy car parked outside clients’ homes when he does house calls. 

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Broadcaster Miriam O'Callaghan has settled her High Court action over false and misleading advertisements published on Facebook.

As part of the settlement, the court heard Facebook has made it easier for Irish users to report misleading or scam ads.

Ms O'Callaghan said it had been a very stressful five years. She said she was relieved she had been able to protect her own name and reputation and to make sure other Irish people would not have to go through what she had gone through.

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Paul Tweed is in a feisty mood. The Northern Irish attorney has built a reputation as one of the most formidable defamation lawyers in the world, with a client list that reads like a who’s who of the last 20 years’ biggest celebrities. Liam Neeson, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Ashton Kutcher, Nicolas Cage, and Harrison Ford – as well as many others – have all contracted his services. Thanks to his unique skills, they’ve all emerged the better for it, with many of the biggest media corporations in the world being forced to withdraw stories, issue apologies, or make substantial payouts after Tweed put on the pressure. In 2006, he even forced the National Enquirer to publish an apology after successfully representing Britney Spears in an action against the tabloid: it was the first apology issued by the publication in its 96-year history.

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Health Minister Robin Swann is suing Sir Van Morrison after the singer-songwriter repeatedly called him “dangerous” in a series of high-profile outbursts.

Mr Swann has hired the hot-shot libel lawyer Paul Tweed, who has represented the likes of Harrison Ford, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez and Arlene Foster, as he prepares to take Sir Van to court over the scandalous comments he made earlier this year.

A writ was served on the 76-year-old musician in June. A statement of claim detailing the case against him was then issued by Mr Swann’s lawyers in September, with Sir Van’s legal team sending a statement of their defence against the claims late last month.

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After winning the 2021 Spear’s Wealth Management Award for Lawyer of the Year – Reputation, Paul Tweed discusses his biggest successes of the past year

‘The year 2006 was really the first time I realised the speed and effectiveness of the internet,’ says Paul Tweed. That was the year in which the Belfast-based media lawyer managed to secure a rare apology from The National Enquirer on behalf of his client – Britney Spears, then 24 years old.

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This is the Spear’s ranking of the best reputation lawyers for high-net-worth individuals. The list features our Top Ten, Top Recommended and Recommended reputation and privacy lawyers

For high-net-worth individuals (HNWs), reputation and privacy are valuable assets. When they are placed under threat — whether by the press, individuals on social media or other actors — the right lawyer can be indispensable.

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BELFAST, Northern Ireland — Paul Tweed made his name suing news organizations like CNN, Forbes and The National Enquirer on behalf of Hollywood movie stars, winning high-profile cases for celebrities like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake by hopscotching among Belfast, London and Dublin to take advantage of their favorable defamation or privacy laws.

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Paul Tweed likes to re-tell the story of the moment he realised the power of the internet. He was sitting up at home at some ungodly hour, waiting for an apology to be published.

He had, against all odds, squeezed the apology out of the National Inquirer, a US supermarket tabloid magazine so outré that it often seemed to get away with publishing whatever it liked – from alien babies to celebrity tittle-tattle

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