Reputation Management

W P Tweed & Co. provides solutions to both online and off-line reputation management issues. For our existing client base of governments, corporates and individuals, W P Tweed & Co. deals with pre and post publication material, involving the traditional print and broadcast media in addition to search engine and social media platforms including google, twitter and Instagram. From a “Take down” letter to a litigated privacy/data protection matter, W P Tweed & Co. has the expertise to employ a multi-jurisdictional approach, with founder Paul Tweed achieving ground breaking results in protecting clients’ interests over the last four decades.


Remedies Against AI Platforms

AI can process misinformation and change the world’s perception of you in seconds. Who can be held accountable and what can be done? We have potential solutions. An innovative strategy is required to deal effectively with the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence by Big Tech.



With extensive experience in dealing with all aspects of privacy and data protection, W P Tweed & Co. provides solutions to cyber harassment, misuse of private information and privacy breaches. From unauthorised taking, publication and use of photographs, to improper use of protected data, W P Tweed & Co. has the expertise to use the available legislative safeguards to protect our clients’ interests. In an area where the law itself appears to be lagging behind the online world, our forty years of experience across three jurisdictions is central to meeting our clients’ demands.


Data Protection

W P Tweed & Co. has unrivalled experience in dealing with both data protection and misuse of private information issues. Clients faced with the hacking of social media and email accounts, leading to dissemination and publication of private information, can rely on the expertise and proven track record of Paul Tweed and W P Tweed & Co. to provide innovative, strategic and swift solutions.


Consultancy Services

W P Tweed & Co. offers a specialist consultancy service to law firms and PR companies, either as expert witness or in a professional advisory capacity. We can provide this service by means of either a one off opinion in our area of expertise, or on an ongoing basis on a particular case.

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